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Like snowflakes, no two gravels are alike.  So it’s easy to think “What the heck do I use this one for and that one for?” Luckily, we know far more about gravel than most people. So here’s our “Gravel Glossary”

RIVER WASH V. PEA GRAVEL- River Wash is basically Pea Gravel’s big brother. Both are mostly off white with some other shades mixed in. It’s approximately twice the size (3/4”) but both have the same finish and texture. They’re both ideal for landscaping, drainage, pipe bedding and flower bedding. We also offer River Wash in 1.5” and 2” inch diameter.  While some sizes are somewhat better for specific needs, such as larger stones being preferred for walkways or dog runs because of the wider surface, much of it boils down to what your preference is.

STONE DUST- Stone dust is similar to sand but darker and coarser. It’s a product of running stone through machines that crush stone up. It’s ideal for many equestrian landscaping such as horse rings, barns and stables when mixed with sand and a sturdy setting for stone-paving.    CR-6, In Maryland, this is known as 21-A. It’s gray in color, recycled so it has rough edges.  Where gravels are great for drainage, CR-6 isn’t. It’s a mixture of course and fine stone making it a great filler or base under asphalt, concrete, paving stones, stone driveway and select backfill. Also different fro gravel in that it’s certainly not a decorative stone, it’s a great filler.  Say you have a large hole to fill.  Because the stone will be out of view, fill it with CR-6 and then cover with organic topsoil.

GABION- Gabions are stone filled wire boxes that are ideal for preventing erosion. They’ve been used for centuries and ideal for storm management ponds, bulkheads and slope protection. Because they’re sort of like building blocks, they’re also excellent for landscaping.

RECYCLED CONCRETE or RC-57 Again, Recycled Concrete is another material not meant for decorative landscaping. And while it’s not the prettiest material, it’s great for the environment and a solid paver installation for decks and patios. Order here or call us at (301) 500-2200 or (703) 828-1609.