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With only a matter of a couple of days left to take advantage of our July Special, Buy 2+yards of Gravel, Get 1 Free- We thought we would help by answering a couple of your commonly asked Gravel questions.

Q: Why use gravel under a sidewalk?

A: Because it’s great for support and drainage.

Q: What kind of gravel should I use under a deck?

A: River Wash is the most decorative solution but Blue Stone is more affordable, especially if it’s out of plain sight.

Q: What is the best type of gravel to use for French Drains? Blue Stone or RC-57?

A: This depends on the kind of French Drain. Typically, Blue Stone is since it’s a larger stone making it great for absorption. It also creates a nice garden look. RC-57 is fine as well but if there is a perforated pipe, this could be a problem, causing blockage. If you prefer to use RC-57 If the drain is perforated however, be sure to wrap the pipe in a filter.

Q. What is the best type of gravel to use at the base of a shed? Blue Stone or RC-57?

A. Again, depends. If you are building a wooden or plywood base then Blue Stone is better for filling it. If you are digging posts however then RC-57 is ideal for filling the holes you dig for the posts.

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