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Fall is approaching, and while some think that means an end to landscaping, they couldn’t be more wrong. The landscaping you do in the early part of this season is necessary for a smooth transition back into the planting season. Not to mention it’s one of the last times you’ll get to go outside and truly enjoy the weather. So with all of your fall landscaping supplies delivered free, what are you waiting for?

Here are some fall landscaping advice to help you along.

Fall Landscaping Tip #1: Over-seed

Don’t be afraid to over-seed your lawn. This is especially true in areas where the lawn may have never grown in fully. So spread as much grass seed as you want to create a full, lush yard come spring.

Fall Landscaping Tip #2: Build Plant Boxes

Fall is the perfect time to add architectural aspects like plant boxes to your home. They can be painted any color you want, are simple to construct, and will give you something to look forward to when warmer weather hits.

Fall Landscaping Tip #3: Compost

Composting in areas that need some extra fertilizer will give the plants in that area a much needed nutrient boost. This is also true for vegetable gardens. Putting your hard-working plant beds to rest for the winter will let them revitalize for the next season.

Fall Landscaping Tip #4: Plant Bulbs

Have you gotten your spring bulbs yet? Mark your calendar, spring bulb planting time should be done before the first frost. So if you haven’t yet, you still have time.

Fall Landscaping Tip #5: Mulch

If you have shrubs or bushes that aren’t shielded from the wind, adding mulch around their bases will help to protect their roots come winter (in addition to looking nice). Extra protection from the cold will extend their lives and help them to flourish in warmer weather.

Need help getting your fall landscaping started? Please contact us to discuss your options.

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