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Aeration and Over Seeding

Core aeration is a critical step to a healthy lawn. Throughout the year your lawn will become compacted and a layer of thatch will develop. This compaction and thatch blocks the essential elements: food, water, oxygen, and grass seed that your lawn needs. Aeration corrects this problem by pulling many small plugs of soil out of the lawn allowing the essential elements to get deep into the soil.
Benefits of Aeration and over seeding:

· Reduces soil compaction

· Allows food, water,and oxygen to get deeper in to the soil

· Helps decompose the thatch layer

· Improves root growth

· Increased seed germination through seed to soil contact

Fall aeration and seeding

Aeration in the fall and over-seeding is essential to a healthy lawn. Severe weather conditions in 2010 has made aeration and seeding even more important than in past summers. Aeration will help break up thatch. That may have collected on the soil. Seed must have a surface to germinate in; aeration with the holes created and the soil plugs pulled, creates the soil conditions that are best for successful germination of seed. Fall aeration and seeding is the best way to have a re-birth of the lawn. Coupled with power seeding (also known as slit seeding), aeration and seeding will go a long way to having a successful planting of seed. Failing to aerate and planting of seed will slow down the process of a full healthy lawn. Lawn aeration and seeding in the fall will increase the thickness of the lawn. The thicker the lawn, the fewer the weeds! Aeration will allow the micro-nutrients to become available to the developing roots of the newly sown seed. Remember: golf courses aerate, often three to four times per year, and seed every fall! Saunders Landscaping Supply strongly advise our customers to aerate and seed every fall.Saunders Landscape Supply offers Aeration and Seeding to select customers. Please call early to become apart of Saunders Landscaping Supply Five Step Service!

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